Rat Pack Cocktail Party

American Express has this points program to allow their loyal cardholders to shop for useless crap as a reward for charging lots of useless crap on their cards.

Wonder of wonders, I found a non-crap item in their catalog and I had enough points to order it. What, you ask, was the item? Three Rat Pack CDs: Boys Night Out, Eee-O-11: The Best of the Rat Pack, and The Rat Pack Live at the Sands. The CDs arrived and I was grooving to them. So much so that having a Rat Pack themed cocktail party on Saturday night seemed like a better idea than studying.

So, I broke out my smoking jacket, invited a few people over, and we had a swinging good time. Pictures:

Me with smoking jacket and flask.

Gabor and Jessica.

Josh and Allyson.

Jessica and Shannon.

Margaret and Severin.

We drank, conversed, and made merry with the soothing strains of Frank, Dean, and Sammy in the background.

Sure beats studying.

Yours truly,
Mr. X

...starting the semester right...

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